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Posted By Inktiques / Michelle Greysen
There are as many reasons to collect as there are collectors and Depression glass is no exception. For most vintage Depression glass fans the attraction is the wonderful nostalgia attached to it especially in North America where the Depression era was hard hit and any recollection of family life from the historically lean years is near and dear in many collector’s hearts. Another great reason to collect in the area of Depression glass is that there are so many patterns, styles, colors and items that it literally has something for everyone and prices range from very little to some pieces with high end values. Depression glass was a utilitarian inexpensive glass that was used daily in most homes in the 1930’s. Collecting of it offers a peak at a part of history most of the collectors today recall only through their parents and grandparents stories of the tough times. Because it is so close to the current generation today most families still have some pieces still kicking around. It can also be readily found at inexpensive thrift stores and tag sales making it a very affordable area to start a collection in.
The molded glass was typically of poor quality and mass produced having many flaws and air bubbles. It was made in virtually every colour the now popular varieties are in pinks, blue, green, amber, and also in opaque and iridescent. Many patterns carry lovely names offering a hint to royalty and prestige brightening up the struggling households of the dirty thirties. Often companies would offer the inexpensive glass as a purchase premium to encourage sales and housewives of the day could scoop the likes of ice cream bowls and teacups from their household boxes of basic staples such as detergents and cereals. Not to be outdone their husbands could bring home pieces from filling their gas tanks at participating gas stations.
The collecting rage of early and mid-century modern and the vintage kitsch representative of North American life up to the mid 1900’s is a hot area for collectors. One of the reasons for the trend is the items are uniquely from this continent, directly relate to a lifestyle most are familiar with and it offers North Americans an area of collecting that is both accessible and affordable. Newly budding collectors and seasoned pros can both dabble and hunt in the same playing field allowing a great sharing of both knowledge and passion for this wonderful collectible which was literally found in every home in North America in its day. People collect for many reasons but mostly to cherish and enjoy their finds and to bring back memories of an era gone by. Depression glass does just that while telling a history of one’s own family not that long ago.




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