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Posted By Inktiques / Michelle Greysen
The world of blogging and the world of Antiques couldn’t be farther apart on the time-line of life! The contrast of old meets new is in actuality a perfect marriage of old knowledge using new tools to share our social history.
Between writing and antiques, I am quickly discovering that my two worlds have finally collided into a wonderful global serendipity. The web has long since been a valuable tool in a print media industry driving the strong shift on how and where the world is getting their information. Print will always have its place but the web has become as reachable as your local newsstand but in a wonderfully instant fashion we are all becoming far too accustomed to. The ‘library of the world’ has opened up many new on-line markets but is an invaluable tool to vast information.
The same is true in the antique world, and lovers of all things vintage, the web has brought a new platform to share collecting experience, visuals, market information and so much more. The antiques passion has been renewed and it is an exciting time for both collectors and dealers alike, many jumping in and discovering this new way to reach their market. Featuring your shop on a web site is a must, adding a shopping site and galleries creates an on-line browsing experience that makes one feel as if they are right in your shop. These new web simple tools are aiding dealers to fuel the newly revived trend to vintage and collecting which has become very hip again!
For vintage lovers and avid shoppers, although nothing replaces the thrill of the hunt and touching and feeling as you browse shop after shop the alternative is a good second best to a day of antique treasure hunting. Cozy jammies, fuzzy slippers, and a glass of crispy chardonnay or icy peaty-warm scotch, while on a late night web-search for all your favourite things can be right up there with a day-tripping city-escaping adventure on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
The growing go-green lifestyle we are all moving towards in many little and big ways is a big factor in the renewed thrill of vintage and funky finds. One of my dearest friends is a happily self-proclaimed recovering ‘consumer-slut’ and is a perfect poster-gal for the craze to haunt the shops and thrift stores over hitting a generic big-box shop or crowded mall any day. I happily take full-credit for the vintage influence of course, and have slowly converted her while gently prodding her to discover her ‘inner-thrift’ – and her recent thrilled call upon finding a new-old egg poacher is living proof! I knew she had it in her!
 As a collector enjoy the techno-hunt for your treasures and let me know if you come across a great site or shop you want to share here.

 As shop owners enjoy discovering ways to let technology open your shop doors to the world – and let me know how you use the web to enhance your clients’ shopping experience.

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